Marilyn Schlossbach

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The Marilyn Schlossbach Group

Marilyn Schlossbach is an executive chef and restaurateur who founded and manages the Marilyn Schlossbach Group, a hospitality company that currently manages restaurant and retail environments along with a catering business in some of New Jersey’s most beloved shore towns.  She is an environmentalist, community activist, traveler, and surfer who is on a continual quest for culture and knowledge and shares her passion for the road less traveled with her patrons and community.



Marilyn Schlossbach was thrust into the culinary world by chance.  The self-taught chef and entrepreneur went from marketing student, to waitress, to the chef du cuisine of Oshin, one of New Jersey’s first Asian Fusion restaurants to open in the 1980s, in what many would consider a blink of an eye.

She has not looked back since first stepping “behind the line” in 1982 to cover for her brother and head chef at Oshin, spending the last 30 years developing her culinary style through travel, self-instruction and an unwavering passion for gastronomy.  During the last three decades, Marilyn has developed her own brand of New American cuisine that takes foodies on a round-the-world journey to some of the globe’s most sought-after culinary destinations.

More than the ever-present global cuisine or fusion that populates the culinary landscape, the ambiance of her venues and diversity of her menus aims to replicate the vacation vibes that so many of us covet long after a holiday has ended.  This is, in part, due to the effortless cool that permeates her dining rooms, complemented by pitch-perfect cocktails, and an unwavering desire for patrons to experience food in new and inspiring ways.

After years spent honing her craft, Marilyn is now the proprietor of food and beverage establishments along the New Jersey coast and is a tireless community advocate, endeavoring to support and cultivate her community through the culinary arts.  Her community work includes a collaboration with Interfaith Neighbors on Asbury Park’s Kula Café, community gardening and surf lessons with the Boys and Girls Club of Asbury Park,  and unwavering support of environmental organizations like Clean Ocean Action that work to protect coastlines and marine environments.

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