This November, Kula Cafe and I were honored to be featured in a New York Times article about social enterprises geared towards hospitality training.  Our friends at Interfaith Neighbors and Kula’s amazing staff, including Wendy Escobedo, are passionate about executing a front-of-the-house hospitality training program for Asbury Park youth.  Currently, we have Kula graduates working at Langosta Lounge and love the ability to see the Kula program come full circle – from training to employment.  Our neighbors in Red Bank, the JBJ Soul Kitchen, were also featured in the article for the great work they are doing in the community.   There are so many exciting plans coming for the Kula Cafe, including a garden project this spring.  My team and I look forward to keeping you all updated on the progress of the Cafe and supplementary programs that were born out of the simple idea of creating a job-training program and affordable cafe for the Asbury Park Community!

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New Jersey Restaurants Offer Training and Work-for-Meal Programs





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