This summer, hundreds of nominations were received from accomplished women entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their companies, industries and communities by Leading Women Entrepreneurs and New Jersey  Monthly Magazine.  In late September, the 2014 winners were announced and  the team at Marilyn Schlossbach Group ( could not be more pleased that Marilyn has been recognized as a Leading Women Entrepreneur ( and will be recognized with a group of her peers on December 4 at Fiddlers Elbow Country Club.  The press release below details the award nomination and upcoming ceremony!
Congratulations, Marilyn!
Asbury Park, NJ – (September 29, 2014) – Marilyn Schlossbach, the chef, restaurateur and philanthropist behind Asbury Park-based Marilyn Schlossbach Group , is one of New Jersey’s Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs of 2014, as announced by the Leading Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners (LWE) Initiative. Each year, LWE chooses a group of business women in New Jersey who exhibit outstanding performance and achievement in business and marketing innovation, community involvement, and advocacy for women. LWE cited Schlossbach for excellence and leadership in each one of these areas.
A more-than-30-year veteran of the restaurant industry, Schlossbach oversees operations of her hospitality group, which includes Langosta Lounge, Libby’s Beach Shack, the Asbury Park Yacht Club, Pop’s Garage, Marilyn Schlossbach Catering and Events, and Lightly Salted Surf Shop in Asbury Park, as well as the Labrador Lounge in Normandy Beach. She has spent the last three decades developing her own brand of vacation cuisine, which was honed through travel, self-instruction and an unwavering passion for gastronomy.
Schlossbach’s enthusiasm, however, extends beyond the culinary world. She is dedicated to community service and environmental activism, and is a supporter of her local chapters of the Surfrider Foundation and Waves for Water, and is a long-time advocate of Clean Ocean Action.
The recently opened Kula Café in Asbury Park is a partnership between Schlossbach and Interfaith Neighbors and combines a culinary center with a work-study environment, providing the next generation of food-service employees with the skills, knowledge and opportunity to excel in the hospitality field. Schlossbach produces free surfing, yoga and gardening classes for local youth as well as hosts a free community dinners at Langsota Lounge every Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.
“I am fortunate to have the opportunity to be recognize alongside this outstanding group of women,” commented Marilyn Schlossbach of Marilyn Schlossbach Group. “All of these women have experienced the challenges of being an entrepreneur, yet we have all experienced the success of hard work and dedication, and how that can leave a positive impact on your community. I consider this to be a great honor, and I hope that by sharing our stories collectively, we can inspire the next generation of young women to not only be a leader in business, but in their community as well.”
On December 4th in Bedminster, N.J., Schlossbach, along with 24 of her peers, will gather at the beautiful Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club to celebrate their recognition for strong business acumen and community influence. Marilyn was chosen under the criteria of a woman whom is intelligent, creative, ambitious, socially conscious, and a true leader to the rising entrepreneurs in the state of New and across the country.
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