New Jersey beach towns are loved by many that visit during the summer months. For many residence, New Jersey is called home for many reasons, and one of them being the fact that people love the change of each season. Even though some seasons are busier in tourist’s hotspots, the fun really doesn’t stop, even during the winter months.

When tourist first leave after labor day, the residence take the opportunity to head to the less crowded beaches and enjoy what is left of summer. This year, the warm Indian summer temperatures stayed until around New Year’s Eve, breaking many record highs. With the nice weather, more locals decided to venture outside, which positively affected many local restaurants. During those months, the boardwalk doors were opened to the beach at Langosta Lounge, when traditionally they would have been closed. The restaurant was filled with happy customers taking advantage of the unexpectedly beautiful weather. The warmth was a nice change to the typical snowy weather that normally happens around December.

With the temperatures finally leveling out to normal, it has left many feeling bittersweet. Luckily, the change of temperature does not stop the excitement that takes place throughout Asbury Park. Ten thousand visitors came out this previous weekend for the Light of Day music festival, and with BeerFest around the corner (our venue Langosta Lounge will be open and serving up live music), it gives people something to look forward to in these chillier months. With Jersey Shore restaurants also staying open, it draws people in and allows them to enjoy a different element that Asbury Park has to offer. Many believe that summer is the best time to visit the beach towns in New Jersey, but the off seasons also have a lot of fun that can be enjoyed by all!

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